How often do you clean your make up brushes?

Layers of oil from your skin, mixed with makeup pigments and dead skin cells, make brushes a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean makeup brushes will leave skin far more radiant and ensure your favorite cosmetics glide on like a dream. It's time to spare a thought for your skin. Clean foundation brushes every other week "Any brushes being used with liquid or cream products, such as foundation, concealer and highlighter, should be washed every few weeks as these formulations build up more rapidly," explains Stewart. This is an upper limit; if you are a heavy user, weekly cleans are preferable. Wash powder-based brushes once per month Brushes being used with powder formulas, such as eye shadow and bronzer, only need to be washed once a month. By doing so, you're insuring yourself against damage to the bristles and chaotic colour convergence. A build-up of old product on the brushes can affect the ease of movement, softness and flexibility, plus different colours can transfer from one palette to another, which may affect your finished look For natural-hair brushes, use a gentle cleanser treat natural hair brushes like your own hair, a regular shampoo - baby shampoo is a popular choice - mixed with warm water will cleanse the bristles of oil, powder and wax without leaving them stripped and dry. The aim of brush cleaning is to banish bacteria, not bristles, so it pays to perfect your method. "Try not to press the brush head directly down, as this will break smaller, more fragile fibers

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